Tyler's Rocky Point Orchard is a family run business on the beautiful South Slope of the 
Emmett Valley. Located on nutrient rich delta sediment created by pre-historic Lake Idaho, 
our soils consistently produce fruit that is large and flavorful.

Not only is this orchard a beautiful example of the few remaining old fashion orchards, it also is the location of the best scenery in the area. We welcome families to come enjoy the view and make a day of their picking experience.

The Emmett Valley at one time produced entire train loads of cherries and was one of the largest fruit producing locations in the US. Home to the annual "Cherry Festival" only a handful of orchards remain in the Emmett Area. With real estate sales and unfavorable farming costs consuming more orchard land every year, we must rely on other areas/countries to provide our food supply. Now is a great time to support your local food producers!